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Gestetner Ream Cyclostyle for "printing" stencils - UK patent - ca. 1900

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Número de referencia del lote 12876597
 Gestetner Ream Cyclostyle for "printing" stencils - UK patent - ca. 1900

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Stencil Machine notorious for its use by political activists during The War and still today - Create like Banksy and MBW or display to admire

Overall condition: needs attention: has to have at least a gear replaced & a good clean up.
Hungarian invention, U.K. Patent.
weighs about +30 kgs incl. Packing and measures 44 cm x 33 cm x 44 cm

Among tattoo, activists & graffiti artists, stencils are very popular. Because they can be applied very quickly and repeated many times, they are a favorite way of transferring (among other things) propagandistic messages. Today, Melbourne is the "stencil mecca" (with artists like Rone, HaHa, Meggs, Sync and others).

Well-known stencil artists are:

Banksy (UK)
Blek le Rat (France)
Fremantle (France)
Hugo Kaagman (The Netherlands)
Logan Hicks (USA)
Peat Wollegear (USA)
Rone (Australia)
Sixten (Sweden)
Slobben / Strøk (Norway)

Stencils, an art in itself. For small printouts, limited editions and certainly with color printing, the technique is cheaper than copying or printing.

This machine needs someone who can replace a gear, clean her well and then give her the opportunity to print your most beautiful creations for you. Once having received the proper replacement gear, she will be happy to oblige. She will impress the paper nicely with short and irregular cross bars or dots. The particular gear is still with the machine, so you can use for duplicating.

It was the Hungarian David Gestetner who actually invented a small printing device late 19th century, that made it possible for anyone to print quickly and easily. His company in the UK and other European countries flourished from the 1910's to the 1960's. During WWII the resistence even used the device for stenciling its newspapers and the communistic party used the machine to make pamphlets. The stencil machine could be placed in a normal house and the police and the Sicherheitsdienst could not trace back the small deviations in the printed letters to any printing company,

The production of copies used to be done by hand and later one could use a typewriter, but still... writing 50 copies... can you imagine what fatigue could do to the result? Only when more than 50 copies were needed, the document would have to go to the printers.
Printing images or letters was very labor intensive and the machines were huge. The traditional artisanal process had to be mechanized. Competition was murderous. The race was on!
Italians, French, Germans, ... The English, they all wanted to invent the newest, the best and the fastest machine. Starting in the Middle Ages innovations came one after the other. Gigantic and noisy machines filled the rooms of the printing companies.

Of course, with the materials used in the stencil technique, such as the over-known stencils (mother's wings) and the correction lacquer with it's characteristic scent, loving the perfect imperfections and even the inkblots I immediatly think about Banksy & Mr. Brainwash.

Shipping will be FOB & freight Prepaid, on request we can quote insurance.

For shipping we will be happy to sent you our best and valid quotation depending on the destination. Prices mentioned under the page 'Shipping' are only an indication as they tend to vary many times...

Please FIRST check prices & possibilities on based on LCL - 100 kg - 1CBM. (rates can vary between 150-250€, we can deliver In the Port Of Antwerp, upon your request about date, time and harbour number)

Customs and other handling will be charged directly to you. The device is a 100 years old, so normally no import charges or tax need to be paid, but please better inform at your local customs agent.

For Shipment within the EURO-zone, best calculate a base freight of 130€ approximatly, for The Netherlands & Belgium 85€

In case the freight is less expensive, we will give you a refund, in case the freight is more expensive we will await your payment before taking action.

All these informations are without any guarantee. Technical apparatus, cameras and lenses are offered as collectors’ items – without any guarantee for the mechanical or electrical function. We describe faults which we realized. We don’t check electrical machines, apparatus, batteries, photographical accessories (as lightmeters, rangefinders or selftimers etc.) – No right of return of any sold item.

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    Ivm de omvang en gewicht....persoonlijk gebracht. Grandioos! En alles was in perfecte staat!
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    lprevratil 20 octubre 2017

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    Très bien, emballage très soigneux et sécurisé!! je le recommande..
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    Zeer mooie tafel. Verkoopster tevens erg vriendelijk en behulpzaam.
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