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Hand-embroidered double sheet set

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Número de referencia del lote 12859861

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Puja actual €55
Siguiente puja mínima €60
Ubicación: Italia
Comisión de subasta: 9 % de la puja ganadora
Envío a Estados Unidos: €55,73

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€55 Pujador 9327
18-08-2017 18:27:44
€50 Pujador 3090
18-08-2017 08:48:46
€45 Pujador 5382
16-08-2017 21:34:25
€35 Pujador 5525
14-08-2017 14:24:50
€25 Pujador 5525
14-08-2017 14:24:42
€15 Pujador 5525
14-08-2017 14:24:33
€3 Pujador 0315
13-08-2017 18:45:05

Italy - in excellent condition.

Hand embroidery double sheet in hemstitch, half hemstitch in shade of blue
Sheet size cm 264 x 233 ca, finihes in hemstitch and half hemstitch.
Two pillowcases cm 84 X 54 ca, closed by four nacre buttons and handmade button holes
Shipping costs charged to the buyer, tracked shipping

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It DELON79  

Puntuación de valoraciones: 97,4%
Valoraciones dadas: 38
Miembro desde: 18 junio 2017
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    Vendeur très professionnel, rapide et efficace.
    Les objets correspondent au descriptif et aux photos.
    Merci !
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    lartauction 15 julio 2018

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    Unfortunately did not receive my lot and no answers on my mails (2)
    Update: No, I already send a mail on Wednesday! Without this review I'd still have no answer.
    Update: I send you PROOF of mails
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    user-d7c69a9 13 julio 2018

    Respuesta del vendedor
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    Good morning, before giving a negative feedback, you should be informed better if I have received two emails as you claim.
    As you can see from the message history on Catawiki, I only received one last night at 23,23 hours. I always follow the shipping of the shipments and l've seen that from day 04/07, the shipment is still at international exchange, Wednesday 11/07 the estimated delivery date, since i received no communication from you, I sent information to Italian postal, which you chose among other three, and i am waiting for an answer.
    That I always assure all my shipments, exclusively at my expense, without asking for any contributions to buyers, this to protect it in principal way of the buyer. As you have seen, I always send the day after payment, Asha's often been stressed by reviews. I find it rushed and unfair to your feedback because I am not the one who delivers the shipment. As soon as I get an answer from poste italiane, l'll community them to them.
    You can aslo inform the courtier, too, the tracking serves precisely this.
    Sincerely yours.
    Good evening. I reiterate that I had received no e - mails before last night, this is easily verifiable from catawiki's history. As for your conviction that if you had not written the negative review, you would not have received a reply to me, which seems rather strange, you do not know me, but you have practically judged me unreliable.
    Like you paid the shipment right away, I also tried to send the Lotto immediately, which I do anyway
    Habitually. I therefore believe it is legitimate for me to also not agree with his feedeback. I don't think it s fair to take it out with the seller for the cause not to the same.
    I sent you the request for information from Poste Italiano as soon as I hear the information, if the shipment is complete
    It must have been lost, don't worry, it ll be reimbursed.
    Sincerely yours.
    Good morning, I obviously explained myself wrong, I didn't say that she didn t send her email Wednesday, but she didn't get it or at her address from her, sent through files or through catawiki. As regards the tracking file, it is the same as I have, for this reason the last estimated delivery day I sent Italian Poste requests for information about the shipment (file I transmitted).
    In order to avoid further controversy, which I am not used to, please send me the banking data for the reimbursement of the lot.
    If, pending clarification from Italian Poste, you should receive the shipment, you can keep the batch free of charge immediately.
    I also inform you that I will try to file complaint with catawiki for the failure of emails, thanks to that I find a negative feedback.
    Sincerely yours.
    Good morning, thank you for the timeline you sent me the bank records with. I saw that you also inserted the shipping costs, which I anticipated and which have not yet been reimbursed by catawiki. In the next few days I'll be in contact with catawiki to communicate that I will make the transfer of expenses and see how to solve the issue of these expenses, which I pay twice as much.
    Sincerely yours
    Good evening.
    I'll inform you that on Saturday 14/07/2018 i forwarded to the failure of the delivery of your shipment to packlink and to catawiki. Today, I got an e - mail from both packlink and catawiki who's gone to an investigation from both of us, the transfer to his favor will be sent in the moment that catawiki is giving me permission.
    In catawiki, I also filed complaint about the failure to transmit his e - mail and his negative feedback.
    Sincerely yours.
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    Magnifique verre épais et très joliment travaillé et reçu rapidement.
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    Hergosum 3 julio 2018

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    São lindas.
    Lina Maria Maslarov
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    LinaMariaMaslarov 28 junio 2018

  • Excepcional vendedor. Seriedad y rapidez.
    Muy Recomendado

    calzupas 21 junio 2018

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Dinamarca €17,52
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Suecia €23,83
Suiza €47,07
Resto de Europa €17,52
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